Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Very Beginning - September 20, 2006

Wow, my first blog entry. I've never blogged before. I was never a very good journal writer in my younger days. I tried many times. I owned many diaries, some with locks, some with funky cardboard covers, some ruled, some with just blank pages. Most of them never had more than a few pages filled. I think faster than I write, my hands could never keep up. But its a new age, and computers are the way. I have found that I type almost as fast as I think, so maybe this will work.

I plan to use this blog for many things. To express new thoughts and ideas about projects I'm working on (yes, another beading blog, if you're not a beader, move on). To post links to sites I want to remember (until I get around to adding them to my Favorites). To share my finished projects and get some feedback before I try to sell them. I hope to get a website up one of these days to sell my work on. But before I can do that, I need to create enough pieces to be worth the effort.

I'm a hopeless beader that way. I love beads. I love to look at beads, I love to hold beads, I love to think about beads, and most of all, I love to buy beads. And I buy a lot of beads. Many have been in my bead box for over a year and have yet to be used or even considered for use. But that's half the fun of beading, accumulating lots and lots of pretty beads. If only I had more free time. I can't just work on something for an hour here, an hour there. I need whole days blocked out. Between working full time, going to school part time, sharing household duties with my husband, and volunteering (which becomes a full time job in and of itself sometimes), finding time to bead can be hard. I did manage to churn out two pieces over the weekend, and I was proud of myself for that. But then I bought some new beads over the weekend too, so I really didn't make a dent in the ol' bead collection. *Sigh*

I think I really need to just sit down and select a set number of projects from my mound of scribbled-out ideas (I get any idea, I quickly scribble/sketch it on any available scrap of paper, which then gets put in a pile on my worktable; I have notepads in my purse, in my truck, in my bedside table, in every room of the house....). Then I need to be sure I have all the supplies for them. Then set up a schedule for working on them. Just like I would with my coursework or my volunteer scheduling. Yeah, but first, I have to figure out some time to do all that!!! Oh to be able to quit my job and just bead for the rest of my days. I'd become the crazy bead lady. That would be a good name for a blog.....

I've rambled enough for this first round. Hopefully my future posts will have some substance, and will actually be about beading. And will be something others will actually want to read.