Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Week of March 11-17, 2007

Ackkkkk! I just realized I didn't post to my blog last week! Bad blogger, bad bad bad.

Okay, I'm done beating myself up. I had a busy week, what can I say. Tuesday of last week I started my sewing class. We're a small class of 3, which is nice. We chose our patterns and our fabrics Tuesday night. I went with some simple elastic waist sleep pants. I chose a light spring green fabric with little daisies all over it. I needed a pattern that wasn't "one way", like a stripe or plaid, so I chose daisies-all-over. Tonight is class two. We'll be laying out and cutting out our patterns/fabric and hopefully be able to start sewing. We'll have the week to sew and I assume class three will cover putting in the elastic waistband (elastic waistband is required) and finishing up the pieces. I'm enjoying it so far. My sewing machine isn't quite so complicated and scary now. I still tend to push down all the way on the pedal and sew faster than the Tasmanian Devil, but I'll get used to the pressure eventually.

I got no bead work done last week. Honestly, beyond sewing class and my database class, I don't recall much of what I did work on last week. But over the weekend, I redid the Very Cherry Earrings I have for sale on Etsy. When I made them, I was not an expert with crimps. So I just put some crimp beads on, flattened them with a needle-nose pliers, and called it good. Since learning more, and since buying a crimp tool, every time I look at the picture of them, it drives me nuts to see that poor crimp job. So I practiced over the weekend, made a number of new pairs, with nice crimps. I'll need to take new pics and replace the old with the new.

I also attempted to make a clasp using head pins and polymer clay. I have a specific piece that needs the right type of clasp, and so far, I haven't found something like it for sale. So I decided to try to make one. Turned out okay, but looked messy and unprofessional. Going to try something similar, only it will be entirely wire. I have some other ideas too, involving space bars. If any of them works, I'll take pics of the various attempts and post them later this month.

Beyond that, not much beading last week. I should have a little more time this week to do some, but we'll see. My goal for the week is to finish up a beaded belt for my MIL. I've been toying with various layouts and trying to figure out how I would finish it off. So tomorrow and Thursday I will string a couple of different layouts and see how they look (and if I have enough beads for them).

We got a new foster dog yesterday. Her name is Dorothy . RESCUE lists her as a 5 year old Corgi mix. I agree on the 5 year old part (she has some gray on her chin like my 6 year old min pin does), but I don't really see corgi. Actually, I kind of see Doxie. Doxie and something taller of course. She did great her first night with us. Didn't really interact with the min pin, avoided the cats (they seem to intimidate and scare her a bit). Enjoys snuggling close and just chillin'. She's very cute and well behaved. I don't see her staying with RESCUE long before she's adopted. You have to look at her photo gallery and check out those ears! Yes, one always flops down and the other is always sticking up or out straight. They are too cute. I love dogs with funny ears. :D

Well that about wraps it up for now. Thanks for reading and happy beading!

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