Friday, September 07, 2007

Its a Very Cherry Day! (Another Etsy Sale!)

Yahoo! I'm doing the "happy beader" dance today. I've made another sale on Etsy. The very first thing I listed on there back in February finally sold! After over 6 months and more than 200 views, they finally sold. The next time I list them, I'm going to go with sterling ear wires and up the price a few dollars. Maybe that will help them sell faster. And the holidays are coming up, and they're the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer after all.

What wonderful piece of beaded beauty was this you ask? My Very Cherry Earrings of course, silly! They're cute and simple little earrings, and they barely weigh a thing. I love to wear the pair I made for myself.

So that's three sales on Etsy this year! And I made one non-Etsy sale (she bought more than one item, but it was one individual so I count it as one sale). That's four of the five sales I had made a goal for this year. How cool is that?! I know, its a small thing, but for me, its huge! Its such a motivating thing to make a sale, no matter how small. My shop is still pretty bare but now I just want to rush home and start churning out some great new pieces for the fall and for the holidays!

Hope your beading adventures have been a success so far this year as well. Thanks for reading and happy beading!

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