Sunday, June 22, 2008

What I've Been Up to Lately!

Time for a little photo update of what I've been working on. No shots of the chain maille yet, they're so darn flashy that I'm having trouble getting good shots. ;D But they'll get a post of their own soon.

I've been dabbling in some writing lately, and its been a nice creative break. I've also gotten back into knitting, working on a lovely purple washcloth. And I started the first square of a large crocheted afghan, but crochet tends to bother my shoulder, so it may take me all year to finish that.

As for beading, I'm working on a European 4 in 1 bracelet (its like butta' on the skin), but I have to work in bits, as my tools are not really meant for extended working. I'm going to ordering some quality ergonomic chain nose pliers soon (waiting that economic stimulus check), and then I'll be able to finish up that pieces.

Here is a shot of some earrings I designed for a bead swap on Swap-Bot. I call them

The theme for the swap was "April Showers." I used three colors of 11/0 seed beads and a 3mm faceted bead (glass or plastic? not sure) in a coordinating color. The stitch I used was two-drop peyote stitch. The pattern is my own design. Interested in the chart for it? Email me at beaded desert (all one word) at YaHoo (dot) com and I'd be happy to send it to you, as part of the Creative Commons License.

Here are some more earrings I made for recent beading swaps:

I've have played with PMC but I haven't been able to take any shots of those. Mostly just little charms. Unfortunately, its getting too hot to be firing pieces outside with my torch. I'm hoping to order a kiln (when I order the tools), but until then, I won't be working with PMC for a while.

Wire seems to be big for me this year though. Here are a few rings I made earlier this year:

The one with the pink beads is a mosaic ring. It's two rings with beads woven between them to create a wide band. It's very uncomfortable to wear. ;D

And last but not least, here is a wire brooch I made for a swap. It has a South West theme to it:

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully I'll be able to get some decent photos of the chain maille pieces and the PMC charms soon.

Thanks for reading and happy beading!

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