Monday, November 27, 2006

Favorite Site of the Week - Sonoran Beads

I went to the Gem Faire this weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona. Small event but still had fun and still managed to buy beads (of course). There was a local vendor there called Sonoran Beads, and they are my Favorite Site of the Week. They have these beautiful Kazuri Beads that I absolutely fell in love with. As did others. A woman next to me at the booth was showing me the necklace she made with the beads she bought there the day before. And now she was back for more!! Kazuri beads are simple painted ceramic beads in a number of shapes (Pita Pats, Rounds, Shales to name a few). Some are painted one solid color, others have designs added in other colors or even a gold tone paint. But it was the feel of these beads that got me. Smooth, cool, something you just can't help but rub your finger over it again and again. You see more examples of Kazuri beads at the Sonoran Beads Online Store.

I plan to string my Kazuri beads sometime later this week and will try to get a picture up (though don't hold your breath, I still have pictures from October to take :P).

Still working on holiday themed jewelry. Plan to finish those up this week. Also need to make some jewelry as presents for family and friends. Had a busy Thanksgiving weekend, still trying to figure out where most of it went. Thursday was of course Thanksgiving, and I actually got some beading done. I worked on a Candy Cane inspired spiral rope necklace. I also repurposed a piece of costume jewelry I had gotten in a box off eBay. It was a fun little stretchy bracelet with green beaded charms and seed beads. The cord had obviously broken at some point and they had just retied it. So I took it apart, cleaned up the beads, put the beads onto new headpins (the old ones were discolored and one was actually a bit rusted), created a few new bead charms using pearls and tiny brown disc beads, to fill it out. Replaced the size 10 seed beads (that were between each charm) with 4x4mm cubes. Restrung it all on fresh black elastic cord and now have a fun little chunky charm bracelet. Friday, I got no beading done. It was a day of pulling out boxes of Christmas decorations and decorating the house. Saturday was spent doing the same, but outside. And Sunday was the bead show and a Transiberian Orchestra Concert. So all in all, very little beading got done, but it was nice to have a long weekend.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, thanks for reading and happy beading.

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