Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Photo Updates - Fun with Wire

Okay, finally sat down and took some photos of my work last night. Here are some shots of my adventures with wire. A couple of shots of my Eni Oken S-Clasps. The smaller one, with the copper beads, is actually the first attempt. I tried too heavy a gauge of wire on the second one. See previous blog post for more details.

I am also including some shots of wire-wrapped furnace glass gift beads (see the most recent issue of Beadwork magazine for instructions). These were just so much fun to make and are just too cute!!

More photo updates later today!
Enjoy! Thanks for reading and happy beading!


The Lone Beader said...

I just noticed your little gift-wrapped beads. Those are adorable!!! Also, thanks for the link. I appreciate that very much. Feel free to stop by anytime=:)

Beaded Desert Blog said...

Thanks Lone Beader! Wish I could say they were my own original design (as noted, they were in a recent issue of Beadwork Magazine). They were so fun to make.
I love your blog and visit it often. I don't have the patience to do bead embroidery (at least not yet), so instead, I live vicarously though others, such as yourself. You do such interesting work.
Thanks for stopping by!