Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Further Adventures of Bead Crochet

Well Monday night I finished loading all the beads onto the thread. Took most of the evening, I kept getting distracted by a loud, colorful box across the room from me (the TV). I'd probably get more done if I didn't work in front of the TV like that, eh? So last night I was finally able to start trying to crochet with it. I have no pictures to share, as I ended up pulling it all out last night and will start it again tonight. But I'll share my experiences anyway, you'll just have to use your imagination and visualize the process.

First off, my arch nemesis, tension, was an issue. But I think I got the hang of it after a few rounds, it started to even out. But then I decided that if I was using a slightly smaller crochet hook, it would probably be easier and the stitches could be a little tighter. But otherwise, it looked pretty good. The beads were lining up nicely and forming a nice spiral pattern (I'm using two colors, a silver-lined teal and a copper-lined black). No beads were "inside" the tube. So I was pretty proud of the 1.5 inches worth I did last night. But I decided to pull it out and try again tonight using a smaller hook. We'll see how that goes. I think I'll surf around later today too, and see what the smallest size hook available is, just out of curiosity. I imagine that if I want to use some finer threads, that I'd need smaller hooks??? I'll have to do some more research on bead crochet myself, see what is recommended. I have some projects in some magazines I plan to dig out, see what they suggest.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and happy beading!

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Knotgypsy said...

Thank you for the link to my blog. I finally got some time to read more of your blog. Like you, I seem to have a lot of projects. I, too, like Beadwork Magazine, and I grew up in the desert (New Mexico). I like your blog style, very personal, makes you real. When I am done here, I am going to work on my favorite links section, and plan to include you. I hope this is alright. And if I can figure out how to subscribe to your blog...if not, I'll just use the link to check back with you...Happy Crafting.