Monday, February 05, 2007

New Organizational Tool, Etsy, Foster Dogs and So Much More!

Since my last post, I have not had a chance to touch my bead crochet. Maybe later this week. But I have good reason. On Thursday, I picked up our new foster dog. She's a stumpy legged little dog with a major overbite (her lower jaw is about almost and inch shorter than her upper, but she eats and destroys toys just fine). Her name is Buttons, and so far, she's been a great little foster dog. Good with our Miniature Pinscher and great with our two cats. She's even tried to help me bead a little bit. When we got home Thursday night, I spent the evening bathing her and then just watching her adjust to home life (ie. making sure she didn't pee anywhere she shouldn't and didn't have a desire to chase cats).

In a previous post I talked about these great little drawer units that came with a matching desktop. Well, I bought them, and over the weekend I set them up. They look great! They don't come with quite enough drawer dividers (you need two long and two short to have really stable separation, there are 8 drawers, 12 long dividers, 15 short dividers - - you do the math), but my FIL had said earlier that he didn't use all of his so I'm going to see if he still has any to spare. I filled a couple of drawers with my various seed and bugle beads (these beads were living in a clear shoebox before, as I ran out of tackle boxes), and one with all my wire and wire tools. Now I just need to fill the rest of the drawers, finish straightening up the room, and then I can take pictures. I didn't take any yet, because the rooms looks like a cyclone has passed through. And I didn't want you to see that. I want you to think I'm organized. Yeah, that's it. Anywho, moving on.

I also set up an Etsy Shop today. I called it Beaded Desert Designs, of course. I need to come up with a banner still. I tried creating one, but I had issues with sizing, so that is a work in progress. But I decided to post one item anyway, just so I had something there. My "Very Cherry Earrings" (not original, but its fun to say, so that's why I'm using it) are my first piece up for sale. Now I have that much more motivation to get some more nice pieces completed and offer them up for sale. Creating an Etsy shop was not on my official list of Crafter's Resolutions, but it was there in my mind, as something I wanted to do later this year. But I had other motivations to get it going now. More on that in the future (you'll just have to keep checking back now woncha ;D).

So did I get any beading done this weekend? But of course my dear, but of course. I am working on a little bracelet actually, that I designed myself. I used peyote stitch to create some beaded beads in a bright spring green. Then I dug out these large glass flower beads I have (almost like buttons). I'm attaching a vine of bead to each flower, then I'll string the beaded beads and flowers together, like a large vine/branch. I'm still working out some kinks with the flower and vine part. I have some other projects that MUST be done this week though, so this one will probably sit on the back burner for a bit.

Well, that's about it for now. Just trying to keep my resolution of weekly posts. Thanks for reading and happy beading!

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