Thursday, January 25, 2007

Website of the Week January 21-27 - D&I Beads

Today I wanted to sing the praises of one of my favorite local bead shops, D&I Beads.

They are located at 7420 W. Cactus Road in Peoria, Arizona. The shopping center they are in is located on the northeast corner of 75th Avenue and Cactus. Lucky for me, I live on the west side of the Valley, so they're only a short drive away!

They have an online store as well, with free shipping to Arizona shoppers. And they only require a minimum $25 order (not a hard amount to reach to when you're buying beads). I don't see myself buying much online, since they are so close, but now I can look ahead of time to get an idea of pricing and such for certain types of beads. Love that.

D&I have a fabulous selection of beads, of course, but they also have a pretty extensive selection of yarns (for the knitters and crocheters out there), with prices comparable to you big chain hobby supply shops. In addition, they offer classes and wonderful customer service. Every time I walk in, I'm greeted. If I look lost or confused, someone spots it and asks if I need help. Usually, I'm just trying to decide if something is more pink or purple, more green or more blue. Or if I already have those beads at home. But anywho. The staff are also very helpful when it comes to selecting items for a specific project you might be working on, giving you advice on what might work instead, and even helping to show you a few simple, basic techniques, right there at the counter. Gotta love that. And you can't beat their sales, which they have regularly, along with their coupons (which appear in various Valley publications but are also available for printing from their website)!

What I love most about their shop though is that everything is hanging on hooks, for the most part (the metal beads and some findings, crystals, and specialty bits are in the glass case/counter). You walk in and the walls are covered in strings of beads. They have a few aisles set up, like short little walls, all covered in strings of beads. Love it!! I can touch the beads, hold them next to other strings of beads, see them from all angles, feel them (I love the feel of beads). Beats Internet shopping anytime. And when it comes to the natural stone beads, you can look them over for flaws or for interesting irregularities (I actually love the flaws and irregularities, gives the stone character), and chose the string that works best for you.

You can see photos of their fabulous showroom here: Walls of Beads (IE. Pure Heaven)
and here: "Beads, Glorious Beads!".

And their seed bead aisles? I usually spend the most time there. Seeds in everyone color and finish. And all the necessary sizes. They also carry Delicas and the like, but I still love my size 11 seed beads.

They also have a large "bin" of glass beads, 15 cents each I believe. I love to dig in that bin, to feel the beads roll over my hands and through my fingers, to hear them lightly clink together. Kind of like when you were a kid and enjoyed digging your hands and feet into the sand. Same thing, only now its beads. I usually spend a few minutes picking out a handful that go together, mostly to make earrings. Its not an easy task, finding ones that go together or "match", but its fun to try.

So, if you're ever in the Phoenix Metro area, and you're looking for a fun little bead shop with great selection and great prices, and don't forget great service, check out D&I Beads. You won't regret it. And you might just run into me, experiencing beaded bliss in the big glass bead bin. ;D

Thanks for reading and happy beading!

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Mandi said...

Wow, that wall of beads is glorious! There are four beadshops here in Dallas, and I'm glad to have the variety, but they are all small. One day I'll have to visit shipwreck or something :)