Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Not Much to Say...

Well, to make up for not posting anything last week, I'm posting something now. I actually have a entire entry written up (showcasing a local bead shop), but I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to type it up and post it. Will do later this week.

Started a course at a local community college Thursday night, had a small event on Saturday for RESCUE (which I was busy preparing for during the week) , then I had training for new volunteers both Saturday and Sunday, and so by yesterday morning, I was worn out, literally. I even took the day off from work and just snoozed and made myself take it easy. Sometimes, you just have to listen to what your body says (especially when its whining, complaining or throwing an all out temper tantrum) and rest finally. Still feel tired, slight cough, but better.

So after a week of running about preparing for the weekend, and a weekend where I was hardly home, I didn't get much beading done. I did manage to complete a Lotus Necklace which I did in purple seed beads and crystals. Essentially, it is a string of seed beads with petal shaped extensions of seed beads, and in the petals are drops of crystals. Turned out cute. Need to make some adjustments on the number of beads used in the central petal, but overall, nice easy piece. I found the pattern on about.com (I won't link to it, I'm sure you hate pop-ups as much as I do). But if you look for free bead patterns on that site, you'll find the project. Going to create another one using a different shade of purple seed beads.

I also started working on a simple peyote-stitched-beaded-bead bracelet. This project comes from the Beading Pattern Desk Calendar. Its a great little calendar, especially if you are new to beading. Cute, simple projects with very easy to follow directions. They cover many of the most common and basic techniques in beading, from knot tying to simple stringing and simple to complex beadweaving. They even cover wire and other media. Also helps you to keep motivated and inspired, with new projects every day or so. I know I'll end up keeping many of the projects just as reference for future projects of my own.

My father-in-law is a hobbyist like me. His hobby involves tiny pieces of wood (he builds model ships), but he understands the need for a great workspace and storage unit. He bought these great little drawer units, with side panels, that make great storage. Knowing about the need for attractive storage space, he showed them to me over the weekend. They also accommodate a desktop or can be stacked. So they can be used just for storage, or do double duty and be part of the workspace. And they come in a lovely wood color, so they look nice (unlike my current set up of a plastic card table and some plastic rolling carts with drawers, along with countless tackle boxes stacked on top of said table). The best part though is the side panels. They're like little doors that swing out and inside the door panel are hooks, where I could hang finished pieces of jewelry and/or tools!!! I've been contemplating them all weekend and I think I'm going to get them. If I do, I'll post pictures. We've been trying to figure out how we can rearrange the room where I store all my craft stuff, and still have my stuff be accessible yet attractively stored away. My husband even agrees they'd be great for this. We'll see.

Wish I had more to share in the way of beading. But really, I need a nap. Guess I had more to say than I originally though...

So, thanks for reading and happy beading!

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