Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Website of the Week: Gold Onyx Beadweaving Supplies

This Saturday, January 6, I went to Joann's to sign up for a sewing class. It was Class Preview Day and I got there just as the event was starting. I first went to talk with the instructor to see what class might be best for me. She was great and I was really looking forward to taking the class later this month. Then I went up to Customer Service to sign up. Both the January and February sessions were filled!! How can that be?! The preview event had only started 30 minutes ago?! Turns out you could start signing up for classes the week before. I did not know that. So now I have to wait until their March/April schedule comes out and see if there might be a class that fits my schedule. I was so bummed. But to make matters worse, earlier in the week I had told my husband that what I wanted for my birthday (which is in February), was to take the "Solder 101" class from the Metals Edge Studio on February 17. He kindly pointed out that the day of the class we have tickets to the Improv to see our favorite comedian, Jeff Dunham perform. And that by the time I'd get home from the class, shower, change, etc, we'd be late for the show. So I had to scrap taking that class as well for now. I'll have to wait until their May - ?? schedule comes out. And after Joann's I had issues with the ATM at the bank (let's just say I was standing outside the bank yelling at a machine, with a small audience forming...). Thankfully I had a breeze at the video store for once. But all in all, by the time I got home that afternoon, I was not a happy crafter.

So how did I make myself feel better after that? I went online and shopped for crafting supplies of course. How silly of you to think I would drown my sorrows in liquer and food (well, actually, I did do that as well, went to Red Lobster after I shopped and enjoyed a giant Lobsterita, but I digress). I did a search for Bead Creator Pro 3.0 and found a site called Gold Onyx Beadweaving Supplies. They also happened to sell C-Lon, something I was going to start looking for in the local bead shops . So I ordered both the software and two spools of C-Lon (for micro-macrame projects I want to learn).

The website is pretty basic in its layouts and graphics. But it was still quite easy to navigate and find what I wanted to buy. I went with the cheapest shipping option, First Class (1-3 Days). They offer a couple of ways to pay online, including the ol' standby, PayPal. I thought that was interesting. After I placed my order I received my confirmation emails, from them and from the online payment service (2Checkout). Always a good thing. Then they sent another email when they had shipped the order. Unfortunately, they ship using USPS, so you don't get a tracking number like you would if they used UPS or FedEx. (I get a kick out checking the tracking on the day it goes out, to see what time they actually deliver it, I'm weird). But, USPS is cheaper, so I really can't complain now can I. I should get it maybe today, more likely by tomorrow. I'm very excited.

Bead Creator Pro looks like a fun piece of software. I'm looking forward to trying it out. I really enjoy peyote stitch, but finding patterns I really like isn't always easy. I've tried creating some of my own with graph papers, but am learning that's not my strong suit. I'd love to make an amulet bag or small purse with my dog on it. And I have some other graphics I created that I'd like to translate into beads but just haven't figured it out myself yet. As I create patterns, I'll be posting them here from time to time to share.

Thanks for reading and happy beading!

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