Friday, February 23, 2007

Etsy Spotlight - February 18-24, 2007

If you're an artist trying to sell your work, you know that one very important and often difficult aspect of that is: PROMOTION! PROMOTION! PROMOTION! Getting the word out about your work, without exceeding an often minimal (if at all existent) budget. As I mentioned in a previous posting, I opened an Etsy shop this month. I only have two items in there for now, but over the coming months I'll add more. I didn't want to just open an empty shop. Since opening my shop I have had plenty of time to spend browsing their oh-so-helpful (and oh-so-addictive) forums. I have seen a lot of great shops and more beautiful handmade works than I can fully comprehend. I am learning so much from those friendly folks. I have also made a few purchases myself (beefing up the ol' feedback a little, create a presence for myself) and I am taking note of my buying experiences for future reference. From the convos with the sellers, to packaging, and the little extras sellers include as a thank you for your purchase, I'm taking note and getting ideas.

So this week I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite shops. Some of these I have purchased from, and some just have great works that I admire and love to look at, even though I may never actually purchase something from them. I hope to do a special Etsy Spotlight once or twice a month so I can help promote my fellow artists and craftspeople that are the Etsy Community.

The first shop I wanted to highlight belongs to insidedesign. Currently, insidedesign specializes in handmade jewelry and banners and avatars for Etsy sellers to use in their own shops. I purchased my awesome desert scene banner and cactus avatar from her. She created a custom design for me, based on a very vague idea, and came up with a great design for a very reasonable price.

The second shop I want to highlight is one I have not yet purchased from, but I love to browse and see what's new. uppity woman designs creates the cutest sock animals ever! Of course, she sells a number of other handmade crafty items, but its her sock animals that drew me in.

And the third shop I want to highlight this time is JPATPURSES. JPATPURSES specializes in quilted handbags and accessories. I have been drooling over one of her bags for a week or two now, but she has a number that I wouldn't mind owning.

Just going to spotlight three shops this week, as my hands and brain are tired from a long week of computer work.

But be sure to visit the shops I have linked to and then visit the Etsy homepage and check out the newest listings. Visit the forums, especially the Promotion and Critiques section (where sellers can post links to various items they want to promote at that time). I know you'll find something you'll love and will want to buy. And I know you'll find some favorite shops of your own. You'll be supporting artists across the country and around the world, and also just helping to further promote and keep alive the world of handmade arts and crafts.

Thanks for reading and happy beading!

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