Friday, February 23, 2007

What a Wonderful Week! - February 18-24

I had a wonderful week this week!

Last week I bought myself a number of lovely handmade items from Etsy. Two headbands by Nestlings, a resin pendant with a polymer clay koi in it by BabaYagaDesigns(its too cool), a cute dog print fabric zipper pouch by Christina's, and a soy candle (fresh cut grass scent) and some soaps by MartinsvilleEmporium,(which all smell amazing!!). These all arrived on the same day earlier this week. They also arrived on the same day that the box of beads from the Bead Circle Bead Swap arrived!! Oh the decisions I have with that. And the next day, my order from PMC Supply arrived!! I'm going to be home all weekend so I will get to play with all my new toys and treasures. Can't wait! I'll be able to cross off a Crafter's Resolution soon (buying the PMC starter kit and making some pieces). I'm still figuring out Bead Creator Pro. I've tried bringing some images in, but I have to read up on how to change the palettes and set it to only use certain colors and all that fun stuff. So no news on that front, no fun patterns yet.
Over the long weekend I managed to fill up the rest of the drawers in my new storage unit. And I got the room straightened up and organized. I can actually find the beads or tools or projects that I am looking for. What a concept! Now I just need to get some photos of it to share with you all. Its wonderful. I still have some space in some of the drawers, to grow. I did find I needed to keep most of my tackle boxes of beads for now, but that's okay. I was able to empty all of the plastic shoe boxes I was using so there's less stuff stacked up on the work space.

Obviously, it doesn't take much to make me a happy crafter.

I also managed to sign up for the sewing class this week. Starts March 5th. You can read about my sewing class angst in a previous post. I will need to do some shopping for some additional supplies I don't have yet, but otherwise, can't wait. I'm just so excited about taking the class. We can make either sleep pants, shorts, or a skirt. Think I'll go with the sleep pants. That way, if I mess up and make one leg longer than the other, I can still wear them (because no one but my husband and I will see them). So in a few more weeks, that will be yet another resolution I can cross off!!! Its the sort of thing that makes you feel good.

And to top it all off, our little foster dog Buttons went to her forever home on Tuesday. Her adopter was so excited to get her that he called earlier in the day to see if it would be alright for him to stop by earlier than planned to pick her up. He just couldn't wait. That was just so great to know she's going somewhere where they are just so excited and happy to have her. I know she'll be loved and spoiled rotten (but in a good way).

Add to all of that having Monday off work for the holiday and Tuesday off work to attend a seminar, leaving only 3 days of actual office time. So all in all, its been a wonderful week.

How was your week?

Thanks for reading and happy beading!

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